RentBox Indoor Kiosk allows property managers to receive tenant payments in a monitored indoor location. The indoor kiosk’s configuration and components are uniquely created for a semi-monitored environment.

Front access configuration is unique to RentBox Indoor Kiosk and allows for the product to be placed in a corner or against a wall. This allows property managers to easily retrieve payments from the front of the machine.

Our convenient front access feature only comes with RentBox Indoor Kiosk, as it should be monitored by camera in a secure environment.

The 22” wide multi touch, anti glare monitor allows for placement of RentBox Indoor Kiosk in any desired indoor location, allowing tenants to make payments while easily seeing screen prompts.

The semi-monitored card reader allows property managers to receive card payments 24×7. This feature requires camera security to receive full warranty.

RentBox Indoor Kiosk is for property owners looking for a payment receivable solution that provides easy access to employees and tenants with 24×7 security.

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